Epic (food) Fail

Judging by the way you chug a bottle down, I thought transitioning to solids would be easy.  I was VERY wrong. 

The stage was set – you had your new highchair (thank you Grandma and Grandpa), your nifty monkey bib and your own bowls and spoons.  Check, check and check!  We strapped you in and, well…here’s how it went:2013-01-26 18.08.52

  • Rice Cereal: This was your first food.  It was so thin that I was pretty much spoon feeding you breast milk.  I added a dab of cinnamon and that got your mouth open.
  • Avocado: You didn’t love it.  You didn’t hate it either…but you didn’t love it.
  • Sweet Potato: This you hated.  I added some cinnamon to it and…you still hated it…but at least swallowed it.
  • Carrots: Haaaated it.  Arched your back, tears, everything.  I added a little cinnamon to it and you tolerated the taste on your tongue.  For a second.  You were upset about this all day.  Each time you burped, you re-tasted it and would get pissed off.  I’m sorry little man.  At this point i’m envisioning you at the 2nd grade lunch table with your breast milk.
  • Squash: Loved it! Just kidding, hated it…
  • Peas: This was the worst.  You let the peas sit on your tongue for a second.  Then you started to gag and vomitted.  I’ve never seen you vomit before and I felt so bad for you.  I called the doctor.  They said it sounds like you have a stomach bug/flu and to stop with the food until it passes and you can keep food down.

STOPPED FOOD FOR 1 WEEK.  Started again with rice cereal: Projectiled.  What the heck is going on?  Called the doctor and again, said stomach bug.  I am thinking it’s more of a reaction to either cinnamon or rice cereal.  They said that if you are able to keep breastmilk down then it could be the food.  If not, then it’s a bug.   We took you off solids and you were fine.  I conclude – it’s cinnamon or rice cereal.  I asked what a mild food would be to start you on and they suggested apples.  So here we go – round 2!

  • Apples: Dare I say – liked it?
  • Pears: Could it be – loved it?
  • Apples with Apricots: Who is this little man grabbing the spoon?? – MY LITTLE MAN!!

Eventually we’ll work some veggies into the mix, but for now we found a groove that’s working.  You’re excited to go into your highchair and not dreading the orange veggies coming at you.  And hey, if you never like veggies…there could be worse things.

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