Wait, who projectiled?

Both you and your daddy had one heck of a week!  You had a stomach bug (although I think it was a food reaction…more on that another time) and your daddy had the flu.  On my drive into work, I called both your doctor and your daddy’s doctor to make appointments for each of you.  Each time, the receptionist would put me on hold and then a few minutes later would come back just to let me know she’d call me back in a few minutes.  This went on and on with both offices.  Finally, your daddy’s doctor called me back and we had quite an interesting convo:

  • Receptionist: When would you like to make the appointment for?
  • Me: Today, please.
  • Receptionist: We are full today, but could do first thing tomorrow morning.  Unless it’s urgent and then we could do a standby appointment.
  • Me:  I prefer standby – it’s urgent.
  • Receptionist: Okay.  Why is it urgent – does he have a fever?
  • Me: No.  But he projectile vomitted last night.
  • Receptionist: Oh dear!  Has he kept anything down since then?
  • Me: I fed him in the middle of the night and then I fed him 4 ounces in the morning and he’s kept all that down.
  • Receptionist: What are you feeding him?  And only 4 ounces?
  • Me: Is that concerning – do you think it should be more or less than 4 ounces?
  • Receptionist: I’m more concerned that he’s not eating unless you feed him!
  • Me: Wait. Which doctor’s office am I talking to?

You can file this under, “Oh, that silly mommy!”


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