Daddy-Dylan Time

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s a saying – “Don’t marry a man if you’re not comfortable having a baby exactly like him.”  I sincerely hope there’s truth to that.

Your daddy is truly one of a kind.  Just like with you, I learn a new thing about your daddy that I love everyday.  Did you know we’re going on 10 years?  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYep, and I still find those little things.  Some days I have to dig a bit deeper for them, but they’re there.  Some days they pop right to the surface with bells and whistles on.  There’s going to be a day when you are angry with your daddy over something.  And you’ll probably utter those stab-to-the-heart three words: “I hate you” to him (not to me of course, you could never hate me…NEVER!).  When that moment comes, take a moment and try to appreciate the little things.  Your daddy does the most amazing little things…not because someone’s watching or he needs to earn “points” but because it’s who he is.2012-10-27 21.12.38 

I’ll go first.  The next time your daddy leaves his keys next to the key holder, his dirty underwear on top of instead of in the hamper, washes his jeans with tisses in the pockets or brings my car home with the gas light on…instead of getting mad, some of the things i’ll remember are –

  • That he called me just to tell me he appreciates how much I do
  • That he tells me he loves me every night before going to bed
  • How he never says “bye” or “hello” to me without accompanying it with a kiss
  • How he’ll put his hand on my knee when he says “sorry” during an argument
  • How he’ll always ask if i’d like to taste his food (even if it’s something i’ve “tasted” 50 times already)
  • That he sent me flowers on my first day back to work
  • That he’ll still send me emails that only say “Muah!” in them

I know you notice how amazing your daddy is.  I see it in how you look at him.  I just hope you remember the little things he’s already doing for you.  Just in case, please know these few things –

  • He sings the “gymbo” song for you at Gymboree
  • He’ll play peek-a-boo with you until you fall asleep from an energy buzz
  • He takes time every night – even if he got up at 6am to drive to work – to ask you one important question, “Twinkle, twinkle little man?”  

2013-01-12 15.47.33Your daddy is teaching you by example how to be a great friend, husband, son and father.  Make sure you take notes.  I already see tons of your daddy in you.  You may have the milk man’s blue eyes but you have your daddy’s heart.

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