The Nanny/Daycare Search

After almost 5 months off, it’s just about time for me to go back to work.  I want to go back.   I’m a very antsy, curious person and work has always been very fulfilling for me.  Of course, I will miss you like crazy!  I’ve already started planning our weekend and nightly activities because I don’t want to waste A SECOND of my now limited time with you.

243838dd2a8719b5ae79289c05324276Finding nanny/daycare options is right up there with the hardest thing i’ve ever done.  Lucky for you (and for me), two days of the week will be spent with either your Tsafta or Grandma.  That leaves 3 days.  For those 3 days, I want to find someone that will watch you with the same love and attention that I would give you.  I’m generally not one to toot my own horn, but I am a damn good mommy to you and it’s hard – really hard – finding someone that will give you 100% of their attention and who could come remotely close to the job I would do.  Excuse me for a second while I brush the dirt off my shoulders…

I talked to 32, count them, 32 nannies/daycares.  I narrowed it down to 5 daycares that I wanted to visit and 7 nannies that I wanted to interview.  One of your friend’s mommies also has to return to work and we decided that it would be great to either have you both at the same daycare or to nanny-share.

First we looked at daycares – that.was.hell.  I hated all of them for different reasons:

  • No locks or cameras.  When I asked why, she responded: “I find it really unnerving to feel like i’m always being watched.”  Um, excuse me, that’s EXACTLY why I want cameras! *start of my eye twitch*
  • Your 10-year-old nephew has the day off school and is holding the babies…and this is okay with you??  What happened to the speech about how all the caretakers here are screened, trained, blah, blah, blah?  Next!  *eye is full on twitching*
  • One place had SO many babies!  They had 18 infants under 6 months old there the day I toured.  Just as many toddlers.  It looked like a handful and the place didn’t seem to have a handle on it.  *I can barely open my left eye*
  • Filthy
  • Run by a man and i’m sexist when it comes to daycares.  I’ve watched way too many “To Catch a Predator” episodes.

So, nanny it is!  Much better luck in this department.  Talked to a few nannies that I liked.  Ultimately, the one we hired felt like family.   I appreciated that she said, “You’re not paying me to take care of your child, you’re paying me to be a mommy and I want to do everything I can to make going back to work easy for you.”  I am beyond happy with this decision.

References, experience, salary requirements, hours, etc all matter but ultimately it’s your gut that decides whether or not the nanny is a fit.  There were a few instances when my gut screamed, “no!”  Nannies, if I could offer you some advice:

  • Don’t look around and comment on how it looks like I have “some nice, expensive things.”  First of all – I do??  Second – Get out.  Maybe you’re an excellent caregiver but I don’t want to worry about you stealing my stuff.
  • Don’t belittle my parenting decisions.  If I ask if you’d mind taking Dylan to Gymboree, don’t respond with, “That’s really silly for his age, but sure i’ll go and sing all the stupid clean-up, sleepy-time and play-time songs.”
  • Seem interested in my child.  Don’t ask his name as you’re on your way out.
  • Don’t surprise me.  Who are all these people you brought with you on the interview??
  • It’s a 10-min long interview – geez, put the phone down.

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  1. Nannykiki

    The nanny jobs that I liked were the ones I took based on how both parties felt at the interviews. When it comes to a nanny, it just has to feel right for it to work. Glad to hear you found someone who fits with your family! A great nanny will be able to come along beside you and be you when you are not there. There is no reason to settle for anything less then great when it comes to your child.

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