Today was proof that it just keeps getting better.  I’ll cut to the point – you laughed for the first time today!!  You’ve been squealing and making oos and ahh sounds for weeks now, but this was without a doubt a full on laugh!

After a great playdate with your buddies, your daddy and I sat with you on the bed and chatted with you about your day…in your language that is.  Daddy started up with a round of uh-bu-bu-bu-ba conversation.  Who knew uh-bu-bu-bu-ba was so funny?!?  I was fortunate enough to have my phone next to me and I quickly started to take video.  I haven’t taken too much video because I want to BE there for the moments – not view the moments through a lens.  But, I was really, really, really hoping I wouldn’t miss your first laugh and I was really, really, really hoping that this would be one moment I could catch on video. Here are 2 videos of the moment.  Good luck watching them only once!  

You know when you’ve heard a joke 10 times how it’s not nearly as funny as the first 9 times?  Yeah, that’s where you are with uh-bu-bu-bu-ba.  We seemed to have reached our laughter quota with that one.  Now that I know the laughter is on the tip of your tongue, i’m practically standing on my head trying to get it out of you.  Well, not really, but I will if that will work.  Wait, that’s not what you’re waiting for is it? Ugh, the things i’ll do…

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