3 Months!

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3 Months!  We’ve had you in our lives for a quarter of a year.  Is that all??

Your personality is starting to come out.  I’m learning what makes you laugh, smile and squeal.  If I speak YOUR language, you’ll communicate with me.  Not sure how the sounds I make translate, but you sure get a kick out of it.  You have a lot of the same personality traits as your daddy.  You raise your eyebrows like him and you jut your head forward when you smile big.  SO much has happened this last month but if I had to zero in on one moment from this past month, it’s watching you bond with your daddy.  It’s subtle, but you do smile at him differently than anyone else.  There are a couple more twinkles in your eye when he looks at you and says “hi little man.”  I treasure the bond I have with you and it’s wonderful to see the two people I love most have the same bond.  Now, don’t go getting any crazy ideas – you’re still a mama’s boy!

  • Nicknames: Dyl Pickle, Lil Man, Boo, Boo-Boo, D-Man, Sweetie…we’ve added Vesuvius and Old Faithful…hopefully we’ll remove them by next month
  • Sleep: You are a sleep champ!  You’re sleeping 9-10 hours a night.  I love our bedtime routine, I think it might be my favorite part of the day.  The routine starts with daddy giving you a bottle.  We just started experimenting with giving you more than 5 ounces.  If you are still hungry and not spitting up after being burped, we’ll give you some more an ounce at a time.  On average, you’re taking 7 ounces.  After the bottle, daddy puts your jammies on (preferably zip up ones…your daddy is button-challenged).  Then, we call Brownie into your room for family storytime.  You sit on my lap and daddy sits on the ottoman holding a book while Brownie sits next to us (call Hallmark because is definitely a moment).  We each rotate reading a page to you.  Then, we sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to you, kiss you good night…okay, kiss, kiss, kiss you good night, then turn your turtle light on and mobile on and put you down to sleep.
  • Developments: So many this month! Smiling, sitting up, eye tracking, lots of little sounds…
  • Toys: You LOVE your Baby Einstein jumper (big thank you to mommy’s co-workers for getting that for you!).  You can’t reach the floor, but you love to bounce in it.  You can also hit the buttons and get so excited when they light up and music starts.  Our house is looking a little more like Gymboree everyday.

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