First Halloween Recap

From time to time, I suffer from FOMO – fear of missing out.  I’m aware of it and i’ve been treating the problem for 30 years now.  Potlucks and a good round of Taboo usually do the trick.  What I didn’t realize is that there is a unique strain of FOMO called FOMCMO – fear of my child missing out.  This October, I had it.  I had it bad.  And by bad, I mean baaaaad!  I wanted to make sure your first Halloween was amazing.  God forbid we’re at Gymboree and another baby tells you about the pumpkin patch they went to and I didn’t take you there.  Yes, in my mind, you have telepathic conversations with other babies ala “Look Who’s Talking” style.

So, we hit the pathes.  We went to Underwood Family Farms out in Moorpark, the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival and Pierce College.  You slept right through Underwood, but take my word for it, you were there and you loved it.  LOVED it!  It was so nice to walk around and your daddy and I started to picture what it would be like when you’re older.  We’ll let you pick your own pumpkin, feed the animals and ride the tractors.  I’m really looking forward to taking you back each year.  The Calabasas Pumpkin Festival was not at all what I expected.  It was so heartwarming to see the entire community show up and local businesses represent their products.  This will also be part of tradition for years to come.  Pierce? Not so much.  Sorry, but I wasn’t that impressed.  However, I was extremely impressed with the ramps they have for the goats.  The ramps must be 6 inches wide and they’re structured pretty high off the ground.  Watching these girthy goats balance and walk on these was both nerve-racking and spectacular.  I could have watched them all day.  Why do they build them so narrow?  Has a goat ever fallen off?  How traumatizing that must be for the children!  I digress…

We also checked out the House at Haunted Hill.  Again, you LOVED it (translation: slept through it).  I can’t believe this is practically in our backyard.  It will definitely be on our halloween-y things to do next year.

We potlucked with the best of them – hit up 3 potlucks!  Your friends were adorable in their costumes.  There was a pumpkin, yoda, giraffe, sushi, hungry caterpiller, monkey and so many other cute, cute, cute costumes.  You?  You were spaghetti and meatballs!  Before you start patting mommy on the back for this creative idea, I must admit that it wasn’t an original idea.  I saw the idea on a website and thought i’d give it a go.  I think the costume came out pretty good.  You were spaghetti and meatballs – not a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs – just spaghetti and meatballs.  I draw the line at 5 stores when it comes to looking for a bowl.  I can’t believe how hard it is to find a large plastic bowl!  I saved the hat for your memory box, but the rest had to go.  By the end of the night, your outfit had little bits of dried spit up disguised as parmesean cheese all over it – eww!

You probably won’t remember your first Halloween experiences and that’s okay.  I’ll tell you the story every year.

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