Branching Out

You are one lucky kid. You have SO many people who love you and SO much family in your life. I remember being so upset after receiving a class assignment to create an illustration of my family tree. Not only was my family tree bare to begin with (my dad is an only child and my mom has one brother who didn’t live close by), but both my dad’s parents and my mom’s dad passed away before I could meet them. So growing up, I viewed our family friends as just that – family. Still, I wanted what other kids had – multiple cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc.  I was determined to broaden my family tree.  The day I got the assignment, I sent letters to every family member my parents could find addresses for. Most of which I either had never met or maybe met once. I received some responses from people, kept in touch for a little while, but most of those relations fizzled due to long distance. You, my sweet boy, won’t have to work as hard.  Your tree is huge.  Not only is it huge, by each person on your tree is very involved in your life and loves you very much.

As of today, you have 1 Auntie Sammy, 3 Uncles, 1 Gammy, 1 G-Pa, 1 Grandpa, 1 Grandma, 1 Tsafta, 1 Papa, 1 Great Gramhoff, 1 Great Grand Uncle Buddy, 1 Great Auntie, 1 Great BP, 1 Great Barbara, 1 Great Sally, 1 Great Marv, 1 Great Rosemary, 1 Great Allan, 3 Grand Uncles, 3 Grand Aunts, 1 Auntie Nora, 1 Nana Brownie…and that’s just your immediate family! AND IT’S GROWING!! Seriously, how lucky are you!?!

Your daddy and I recently took you to see your Great BP and Great Barbara. Boy, did you have a great time! You have such an intense stare to you that sometimes I think you’re trying to take a mental picture. You would stare at your Great BP and Great Barbara and after sufficiently capturing the memory and locking in a mental picture, you would release a huge smile.

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