2 Months!

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2 Months! Where did the time go?  At the same time, it feels like we’ve always had you in our life.  It’s true what they say – everything changes when you have a baby.  I have a whole new understanding and appreciation for what it feels like to be “happy.”  I thought I was happy, but this – this is a whole new level and appreciation on life.  These last 2 months have been great.  Here are some fun facts about you:

  • Nicknames: Dyl Pickle, Lil Man, Boo, Boo-Boo, D-Man, Sweetie
  • Sleep: At the risk of jinxing it, you’re sleeping through the night (7 hours).  You’re sleeping in your crib.  Before you go to sleep, your daddy and I read you a story.  Our faves are “Good Morning, Good Night” and “I Love You Stinky Face.”
  • Developments: You found your thumb!  And you suck that lil sucker like you’re afraid you’ll lose it.
  • Toys: Your favorite toy of the moment is your piano mat.  It has an arch with toys that you love hitting at and a piano keyboard for you to kick at.  You have been entertaining us with cute songs every evening.


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