Dylan Meets His Great Gramhoff…I Re-Meet My Grandma

Today you met your Great Gramhoff (mommy’s grandma) and Uncle Buddy (Great Gramhoff’s twin brother).  This was a very special day.  Your Great Gramhoff hasn’t been doing too well.  It’s too bad you weren’t born ten years ago (then again, I would be 20 with a baby…scratch that…thank you so much for waiting!!) when you could see your Great Gramhoff before her memory started to go and when she was, well, more full of life.  Today, I got a glimpse of my grandmother as she was ten years ago.  She was so in love with you and amused by your every move and sound.  The smile never left her face and the sparkle re-entered her eyes.  It was the grandma I remembered going to weekly dinners with in college, the grandma I remembered discussing that night’s episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” with, the grandma I remembered laughing at Lou’s silliness with.  You may not remember today, but I will never forget it.

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