Mommy & Me

I’m trying to get out more with you and am signing up for…well, just about everything.  I discovered some fun “events” on  The first one I went to was at a woman’s house.  Honestly, this freaked me out at first.  I knowingly entered a stranger’s house.  This is not a normal concept.  But, all is fair when trying to make new friends…right?  So, hold that door open strange lady – i’m coming in!  It was a lot of fun.  There were 6 other moms and babies.  We placed you all on a blanket in a circle.  You seemed to enjoy being around all the other babies.  AND, you reached/played with a toy for the first time.  Oh you have no idea how exciting this was for me to witness.  When we got home, I immediately took out all your toys.  It was 110 degrees outside but it might as well have been snowing in our house – it was practically the holidays with all the toys spread out all over the room.

Yesterday was our first mommy and me class at Gymboree and I had THE.BEST.TIME.!.!.!  You had a great time too!  It was so adorable watching your eyes get bigger and bigger with each activity and song.  Every once and a while a squeak and a smile would creep out – it took everything in me not to cry.  You liked the songs, the bubbles, the parachute, but most of all “Gymbo” the puppet.  Needless to say, I bought Gymbo.  Also needless to say, Brownie is very fond of Gymbo as well.

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