First Day Home

I hope I never forget the feelings and emotions I had when bringing you home for the first time.  It had only been a few days but it felt like I was away from our house for years.  It felt like a new house – it was a new house – now, a family house.  I looked at every aspect of our home in a new way.  Pulling up to the driveway I could see you playing basketball with your dad.  Walking into the dining room I could see you with spaghetti all over your face, Brownie under you eating up everything you drop.  In the kitchen I could see you licking the spoon after we just finished making cookies together.  And so on, throughout the house.

We were very anxious to introduce you to Brownie, now known as “Nana Brownie.”  And boy did she live up to her title! She was gentle, attentive and super curious.  We sat you in your car seat and let Brownie smell your feet.  She was very gentle, took a smiff and then observed from a distance.  Every cry, sound, movement – Brownie’s eyes and ears popped.  Interestingly enough, she never jumped on the bassinet.  She’d jump on her two hind legs to get a better look, but would never put her front two paws on the bassinet.  She’d jump on the bed or the couch to peer into your bassinet, but always from a safe distance.

You seemed to be adjusting well to your first day at home.  That was until that night.  I’m pretty sure your head spun around.  Constantly spitting up, eating, crying – and repeat.  I didn’t sleep at all that night.  You were behaving so differently than when we were in the hospital that I started to fear that something in our house was making you uncomfortable.  I feared that you were allergic to Brownie, Mike feared that you were lactose intolerant (since you were spitting up so much – I found this hilarious…still do).  Luckily, it was just that night.  Between swaddling, introducing a pacifier and, well, TIME, things improved drastically.

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