You’re Growing Up!

…FAST!  We had our 2 week pediatrician visit today and you are now 8 pounds!  I’m surprised you grew at all considering all the spitting up.  It’s pretty incredible – an ounce a day – and just on breastmilk!  You’re a bit taller too – 21 inches now.  50th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight.

ALSO – your umbilical stump fell off today.  Don’t bother asking me if I kept it – I can’t find it.  Now, this is kind of gross but I think Brownie ate it.  She was eating something this morning near the bassinet and my guess is that when your dad picked you up to take you to be changed, it fell on the floor.  There’s a girl in one of the mom groups I go to that said in her culture, you take the umbilical cord to the place of work that you want your child to grow up to work in.  So, if you want them to be a lawyer, you throw it away in a lawyer’s office.  I was thinking of throwing it away at Dodger stadium (and crossing my fingers that you wouldn’t be an usher/peanut thrower) but since it’s very likely that the stump is making it’s way through Brownie’s digestive track, i’m going to bet that you’re going to be a Veterinarian when you grow up.  Your father thinks it means you’ll be a dog…

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