37 Weeks Down, 3 To Go!

Might be 1 to go! At my last doctor’s appointment, my doctor said he thinks the baby is already close to 7 pounds.  ALREADY!  Granted, he said this by just feeling around my tummy.  I told him that at the last ultrasound they said he was on track to be born at 7.5 pounds so this news was really shocking.  So, we are going to do an ultrasound next week and if necessary, have a conversation about inducing.  I’m scared about inducing, but my fear of delivering a 10 pound baby trumps that concern and raises it by 1,000.  You don’t feel 7 pounds to me – more like 70.  So, that’s not very reassuring.  You’ve totally dropped which is making the bump feel like lead and it’s becoming hard to walk.

  • The urge to “nest”:  Yes.  Just re-organized the kitchen, washed all your clothes/sheets/washcloths/burpcloths, set-up the video monitor and started organizing other stuff around the house.  But, our house is a mess at the moment.  We are staining our bedroom furniture which means all the contents of them are everywhere.  I can’t wait to get the pieces back and put stuff away.
  • Heartburn: Ugh, yes.
  • Stretch Marks: Luckily, no!
  • Increased pressure on abdomen: YES.
  • Trouble sleeping:  Here’s the thing, i’m actually getting a very deep sleep.  But, once I wake up (and it’s usually around 3:00) – i’m up.  It’s really hard to go back to sleep.

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