Baby Care Basics – Part 1

ImageHave you ever been so overwhelmed with information that you feel like you’ve been in a room forever?  I couldn’t tell if I was having that feeling or if I actually was in that room forever.  Turns out both.  The class is supposed to go from 7-9 and instead ran until almost 11.  I was exhausted and overwhelmed by the end.  So.Much.Information.  It’s been a while since we’ve had a class.  I really enjoyed the last set of classes we went through so was really looking forward to this.  Plus, one of the couples from that class was going to be coming to this one as well and I was excited to see them and hear how the last few weeks were going with them. The class is actually taught by our Pediatrician’s wife.  She has an assistant helping out on all the safety features.  I don’t remember his name but he’s a bit older, reminds me of a muppet and has a cigarette smell lingering on him.  Can you tell I love him?  More on him in a bit.

Today we learned how to select a pediatrician, give a newborn a bath, swaddle them and change them.  We already chose our pediatrician, but the class did provide some questions to ask him that I didn’t think of.  Such as, if my child ever has to be hospitalized, which hospitals are you affiliated with.  Turns out, West Hills doesn’t admit children.  So, this becomes a VERY important question.

We talked a lot about how to tell if your baby is getting enough food.  I thought it was fascinating how little newborns eat, yet how often they do.  1 oz of fluid is 30 ml.  a newborn eats 5ml, 3 day old 25 ml and a 10 day old eats 2 oz.  Your # of wet diapers and stools will let us know if you’re getting enough…no need to go into detail here.  The teacher advised that we don’t go more than 4 hours during the day without giving a feeding, unless of course we wanted to be up all night.

My favorite part of the class was practicing giving a bath.  Mike took lead here, I took notes.  He was SO gentle with the doll – it was very sweet.  There’s a lot to remember when giving a bath…so many rules…umbilical cord care, circumcision care, water temperature, etc.

Onto the muppet.  One of the mommy’s asked whether he would install their infant car seat.  He said no, but that he’d check it during that class.  He asked if anyone had their’s installed.  I said I did and he then asked whether it was done with latch or seat belt.  I said latches.  He asked if it was in the middle seat or on the side, I said middle.  He then said, “I’m 99% sure it’s wrong.”  Really?  You don’t even know what kind of car I have!  I told him that the CHP did it so I was pretty confident that it wasn’t done wrong.  Didn’t matter, he was adament that it was probably wrong and at least offered to check it at the next class.  Here’s the thing – as a first-time, new mommy-to-be there are so many fears and stresses.  Why create an unnecessary fear?  Why not just check my car with everyone else’s during class and tell me then if you think it’s wrong rather than passing judgment car unseen?

The muppet is on the list.

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