36 Weeks Down, 4 To Go!

28 days to go!  Oh me, oh my!  Didn’t I just find out I was pregnant?  For that matter, didn’t we just move into the house?  Wasn’t it yesterday that Mike and I got married?  Couldn’t have been more than a week ago that I was introduced to Mike in the Pippen Cafeteria at UCI (zot!).  And now, we have 28 days left until you’re here.  Try to stay in there for the full 28 days.  We’ll have plenty of time to play with one another, but only 28 more days for me to feel your little kicks and flutters.

  • Frequent Urge to Pee: What’s a more “frequent” word for “frequent”?  “Frequent” just doesn’t seem to do the explanation justice.
  • Better ability to breathe. Baby is starting to descent into pelvis:  Sort of.  You’re still playing footsie with my upper right ribs and every once in a while I see your little foot pop out.
  • Pelvic discomfort:  I could go into graphic detail here, but let’s just leave it at “yes.”
  • Difficulty sleeping:  Luckily, I get up once a night.  Problem is, once i’m up – i’m up.  I can’t fall back asleep.  Whether it’s the surround-sound snoring from Mike and Brownie, the discomfort, temperature, etc – I don’t know, but I can’t fall back asleep.  Thank goodness for mobile games.
  • Heartburn:  Did you know Tums comes in smoothie flavors?  I might hand it out for halloween – it’s THAT good!
  • Ankle & foot swelling:  What does it mean if your left foot swells more than your right?  I don’t have many “swelling” friendly shoes.  I don’t buy for comfort…what 29-year-old girl does?  So, this has put me in a bit of a comfort pickle and my feet having a war with the straps of my shoes.  Might be time to go to DSW.  Oh, the problems I have!

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