Third Trimester Screening – Say Cheese!

I had been looking forward to this day ever since leaving the second trimester screening – why? – because today I got to see you!  But geez, you sure didn’t make it easy!  First, we got stuck in the elevator on the way up to the doctor’s office.  With a dog.  You can add “stuck in an elevator with a dog” to the list of labor fears.  Needless to say, we took the stairs down.  Then, we had a hard time getting into the office.  The door was locked and they didn’t hear our knocking/pounding.  Between our two brains, we had the great idea to call the office and let them know we’re outside. 

Long story less long, we made it inside!  We’re now inside the office, belly exposed and ready for showtime.  You didn’t seem to get the memo.  You were turning every which way making it difficult to take your measurements or get a photo of you.  You settled down long enough for the measurements – all healthy!  You are, as the doctor said “disgustingly average” at 4.5 pounds and on track to weigh 7.5 pounds at birth.  We saw all your organs, blood movements, bones – even hair!  So exciting!  You’re currently head down and facing my spine.  The good news is, this is perfect position for birth.  The bad news – not the best kodak moment opportunity.  BUT, we did manage to get one great shot of your face.  You are so real!  Little nose, eyes, big pinchable cheeks, HAIR…I can’t wait.  You were sucking your thumb when we saw you and you looked very content.  Only a few more weeks to go little Babram!

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