I should be a rich woman with all the 2 cents i’ve gathered from everyone!  Seriously though, I appreciate all the advice i’ve received these past months – both solicited and not.  Here’s a sampling of the great advice i’ve received (feel free to add your 2 cents to the piggy bank):

  • AMAZING idea: Pack cookies/candy to take with you to the hospital for the nursing staff (Thanks Allen!)
  • Never stop dating your husband (Thanks Corey!)
  • Mommy & Me Fitness Groups – Stroller Strides (Thanks Kelsey!)
  • Be comfortable putting up your “white picket fence” when necessary (Thanks Mariam!)
  • Every pregnancy is different, use advice as a guide and be careful not to compare yourself to others (Thanks Carol!)
  • Take a dip in the pool – best muscle relief (Thanks Debbie!)
  • Own this time of guilt-free eating: Order some salad with that ranch, not ranch with your salad (Thanks to the Nurse at my Doctor’s office)
  • Amazon Prime,,, Zulilly, Totsy… (Thanks Melissa, Karla, Shannon!)



Add Yours
  1. Deb Pasquale

    Your new job annc (congrats!) led me to your blog – we are very close in our delivery dates, I’m est at 7/30. I would add these must-have products to your list: 1) Snoogle® Total Body Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow. This pillow has been saving my life, back, hips, etc since prob 32 weeks. 2) Mama Mio OMega super rich body cream, esp for tummy and back, and Mama Mio OMega shower cream. 3) This is just a nice to have and I plan to bring it into labor and delivery: Aveda stress fix concentrate (roll it on temples, other pulse points, smells wonderful).

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