33 Weeks Down, 7 To go!

As I get closer and closer, I have this nervous excitment that makes me want to smile big from ear to ear but throw up at the same time.  You know that feeling when you get in line for an amusement park rollercoaster ride?  When you first enter the ride, you’ve got an hour wait and you’re excited.  Listening to everyone who just got off the ride talk about how much fun it was only makes it that much more exciting.  You discuss whether you’ll scream, throw your hand’s up – and of course, what face you’ll make for the not-so-candid picture moment.  Then you get closer.  And you actually see how steep that drop is.  Even closer.  Is the ride supposed to make those screeching, rickety sounds?  You’re next and the excitement you have is starting to be pinned down in a choke-hold by your fear of flying off the ride.  I’m not quite there yet.  I’m more at the realizing how steep the drop is stage…but I can see where this is going, and i’m nervous.  Excited, but nervous. 

  • Hot: I didn’t really pick up on this as a “symptom.”  It’s 90-100 outside, so I figured we’re all hot…me, more so because of the front-backpack i’m hauling
  • Headaches: YES! Awful! I miss you Excedrin.  One day, we’ll reunite.  One day…
  • Shortness of breath: I’m sort of used to it at this point.  Taking a long, deep breath is kind of exhausting, haha!
  • Forgetfulness & Clumsiness: I’ve become the task list/post-in queen!  I will not be defeated by this symptom!

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