I had the BEST time at my shower!  Thank you so much to Mariam, Sam, Helene, Linda and Carol for giving Mike, Babram and I this beautiful shower.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Honestly, just can’t say that enough.  The decorations, food, gifts, games, pinata, cake, favors – AMAZING.  I loved that so many of my loved ones were there.  It’s been a bit more than a year (the wedding) since I saw some people and it was really nice to catch up with a hug and belly rub – mine, not theirs, haha.  For all my friends who couldn’t make it, I loved coming home to the voicemails and text messages from you – thank you for thinking of me!  Here’s a sampling of the many things that made me smile throughout the day:

  • M&M’s in Dodger Blue read “Karen’s Shower,” “It’s a Boy,” “June 2, 2012,” “Babram”
  • Pinata – SO much fun.  The pics speak for themselves
  • Belly rubs – Babram was pretty shy and wasn’t kicking too much but a few were able to get in on the action
  • Diapers – Boy are you set! Feel free to poop to your heart’s content.  You’re covered.  Literally.
  • Cake – Yes, that’s real.  And it was really delicious!
  • Food – In a word, YUM.  Pesto makes me smile.  That’s all there is to it.
  • Games – Watching everyone try and figure out what was in the paper bags was fun.  I did fairly well, but if it was in a bottle I got it wrong. 
  • Gift opening – It was easy to tell which gift came from who – If I was opening theirs, they had the biggest smile in the room – it was so nice!
  • Little shoes, cute outfits, sheets, toys, toiletries, gadgets, strollers, car seats – you are going to be one fashionable, comfortable, clean, smart and most of all loved kid!

I’m still gathering pics from friends, but here are a few:

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