30 Weeks Down, 10 To Go!…Maybe only 9…

At my last doctor’s appointment, my doctor said that he thinks my due date might be Aug 2 instead of Aug 9th.  I’ll have a better idea at my Third Trimester Screening in a few weeks.  Either way, I know that predicting the exact date is a bit like winning the lottery but it’s nice to have some sort of idea.  Apparently, you are now over 3 pounds (also will verify at the screening).  Let me tell ya, you are the heaviest 3-pounder!  The weight of the pregnancy is starting to take it’s toll.  Starting to feel that precious back pain and leg cramping people describe.  The other night I had a very sharp pain in my calves – my calves.  Not ankles, calves.  I’ve never heard of this so naturally (for me atleast this was the natural reaction) I freaked out.  Screamed for Mike, demanded that we go to the hospital and explained what I was feeling and how nowhere in the “What to Expect” or other 6 books I have was there any mention of feeling like my leg wanted to run away – i’m sure it cursed at me along the way.  He calmly said, “You’re having a charlie horse.”  Really?  Another reason to add to the list of why I don’t like horses.

  • Heartburn: Sometimes, I think it would be faster if I just crushed up Tums and sprinkled it on my food
  • Swelling: Not yet. 
  • General Discomfort: Generally yes. 
  • Shortness of Breath: There are a hundred jokes here, but i’ll refrain.  Let’s just say yes
  • Trouble Sleeping/Fatigue: Only recently.  That damn horse in my calves has made it difficult
  • Weird, vivid dreams: No, but curious…

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