What To Expect When You’re Expecting – The Movie

I was so excited to hear that they were making a movie about the book!  I thought it would be a movie theatre packed with preggers but not only was I the only prego one in the movie – I think Mike and I were the oldest.  I don’t think I would have ever wanted to see this movie when I was in high school.  Funny how times have changed.  It was pretty funny though – there were 2 high school girls waiting in the ticket line infront of us.  When their 2 little boyfriends showed up and asked what they were seeing, one of the girls said: “buy 4 tickets for ‘What to Expect'” and then walked away leaving the boy a bit stunned.  Poor guy – probably wasn’t the date night he was expecting, haha!

So, what to expect?  Expect to cry like a baby!  Man, I thought this movie was supposed to be a comedy.  I’m SO happy I went with just Mike.  One of the girls from our class mentioned that she cried hysterically when she saw it but I thought it was just her.  NOPE!  I cried during AND after the movie.  After the movie, Mike was very sweet and suggested we grab a shake from Johnny Rockets next door.  I jokingly warned him that if they were out of the flavor I wanted (chocolate peanut butter), I might break down.  And what do you know – they were out of peanut butter.  Instead, we both broke into laughter.

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