Childbirth Class #6: “Grab a Plate of Food & We’ll Watch the C-Section Video”

It was our last class – wow, that went by fast!

For the last class, we had a potluck.  These babies are sure lucky to have such great cooks as mommies!  Lemon bars, chocolate peanut butter rice special K bars, fruit salad, treats from Portos, bruschetta – why haven’t we done this for each class?!?  I brought caprese skewers and puppy chow (peanut butter chocolate chex).  The teacher asked us to grab a plate and she’d pop the c-section tape in – I immediately burst out laughing.  I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.  She clarified that the movie wasn’t graphic – that it was more of a 3D visual.  Still, funny as hell!

The last class was all about c-sections.  I was pretty scared about the concept, but the class took away a lot of those concerns.  If I have to have one – I’m okay with it.  As far as advantages go, it’s safe, quick and life-saving.  The disadvantages are the risk of infection, longer recovery and possible breast feeding problems. 

I LOVED the class.  I’m sad that it’s over.  The teacher, the other pregger moms, the education and most of all the opportunity to learn and go through the process with Mike.  It was an experience that prepared us and strengthened our confidence in being parents – TOGETHER! 

Random things I learned:

  • 1 in 5 women have a c-section
  • It takes 5 minutes to make the incision and deliver the baby

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