29 Weeks Down, 11 To Go!

  • Lots of kicks: We definitely have a soccer star on our hands
  • Headaches &/or lightheadedness: Yes and Yes.  I can do without the sushi and wine but I miss Excedrin
  • Itchy Belly:  Yes, but i’ve heard some pretty bad eczema experiences and my itchiness hardly stacks up.  Although, I do catch myself scratching like a monkey from time to time
  • Back, leg or pelvic pain: Not pelvic, but my back and legs definitely ache
  • Hemorrhoids: Oh god, no
  • Trouble sleeping: I was about to type yes, but last night I slept straight through the night.  Didn’t get up once!
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom: Let’s just say that if there was a tollboth to go to the bathroom, i’d be broke

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