Childbirth Class #5: Sometimes, Ignorance is Bliss

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, there was one element about my birth plan I knew for sure – I want the drugs.  My biggest fear of the labor process was that I’d get to the hospital too late for them to administer an epidural and i’d have to go drug-free, pain-full. 

The last childbirth class didn’t make me question wanting the drugs, but definitely gave me a lot to think about.  One, I didn’t know it increases quesiness and nausea.  Two, I did not know that an epidural isn’t so much of a pain reliever, rather it’s more of a paralyzer.  Once you receive it, you’re stuck in bed.  No walking around, no getting in and out of bed, etc.  Still, it didn’t occur to me what this really means – CATHETER.  Oh dear god.  I was glad to see the other prego faces in the room go white when the teacher made this announcement.  Haven’t we all heard about the woman peeing and pooping everywhere during pregnancy?  Guess she didn’t have an epidural! 

Also, I didn’t realize that some epidurals contain narcotics.  Hearing this did actually make me re-think my decision.  This means it can be passed to the baby.  I suddenly felt very selfish for wanting an epidural.  I don’t want to selfishly do something for me that could harm my babram.  I’m definitely curious about the narcotic-free options.  Boy, is my doctor going to get an earfull from me on Friday!

Random things I learned (Our teacher LOVES her acronyms – and I LOVE her for it!  Makes it easier to remember…everything!)

  • PUSH: Position, Urinate, Support, Hydrate
  • 411=H: 4 minutes apart, 1 minute long, lasts for 1 hour = go to hospital
  • BRATY: Banana, rice, apple, toast, yogurt

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