I get asked all the time – “Have you had any cravings?”  I generally reply, “no” but thinking back there are a few:

  • 7 Weeks: I was talking to Mariam the day after Christmas.  I had told her a few days before that I was pregnant.  She was being a great bestie and was asking me how I was feeling and of course asked the big question – “do you have any cravings.” I said, “no, not really.”  She then asked, “Well, are you eating more? What did you eat for breakfast?”  I replied, “mashed potatoes and pecan pie.”  I’d like to take this moment to thank Linda for the mashed potatoes and Maggie for the pecan pie.
  • 3 Months: I went through a sour cream phase.  Nothing crazy.  I wasn’t eating it by the spoonful or putting it on anything strange.  But, anything that would normally come with sour cream sounded um-may-zing!  Baked potatoes with sour cream, tacos with sour cream, etc.
  • 6 Months: This is when my sweet tooth kicked in.  Overtime.  On my way to work I thought – a muffin sounds great!  I haven’t gone out for a muffin in a while, so I spent the whole drive to work trying to think of where I could get one.  Then, I remembered that the place across the street from the office used to make a mocha muffin.  It’s been about 3 years since I had one but thought it was worth a shot.  I got to work and immediately walked across the street.  I asked, “do you still make mocha muffins.”  They said “yes” and I almost jumped.  Then they followed it with, “…but we’re out” and it took all my energy to not cry.  I’ve gone back just about every other day for a damn mocha muffin and they’re out each time.
  • 7 Months:  This is where I am now and i’m in a ranch phase.  If I could start every meal with a dinner salad and ranch I would be happy.  Simple right? No!  I never really ate ranch before (was more of a vinaigarette girl, but the smell is making me sick) and it’s not as commonplace as one might think.  I’ve been to 2 restaurants this week and BOTH didn’t have ranch.  BOTH.

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