Childbirth Class #4: Grateful

Today we learned how to breathe.  I say this without any sarcasm – I don’t know how i’ve lasted this long without this class.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been breathing wrong.  Gosh, the little things we take for granted!

Then there are the big, huge, ginormous things we take for granted.  At the end of class, our instructor let us know that the couple who sat in the front right corner of class would not be returning.  They lost their baby.  She was 24 weeks pregnant and they suspect that she had actually lost the baby a few weeks before.  I don’t think I ever spoke to them, I don’t even remember their names, but I had such an emotional reaction to this news.  It’s one thing to hear the miscarriage statistics – another to go through the process with someone and see it happen to them.  I can’t imagine what they’re going through. 

You’re not even here and yet you already have such a large piece of real estate of my heart and thoughts.  Ugh, now i’m crying.  Up until hearing that news, i’ve been worried about the process of labor, being properly informed, making the right decisions, etc.  I shouldn’t worry about these things – i’m lucky to have these.  I should be so lucky to have a 22, 36, 48…hour labor.  I can’t and won’t learn everything.  I’ll make a wrong decision.  It will all be okay.  The only thing that won’t be okay is not having you.  I can’t wait for my doctor’s appointment next week to hear your heart beat.  Until then, please let me know you’re okay by kicking and tootling around to your heart’s content. 

Random things I learned:

  • Obviously, I learned how to breathe for different situations (pushing, pain, calming)
  • You can turn an epidural off.  Really??  Sort of.  There’s a drip that you can press a button to release drugs once an hour.  Too much epidural/drugs can make it difficult to push effectively.  So, when it’s go-time I might want to remove the button that will be firmly placed in my clenched, white-knucled hand
  • You can take the placenta home, dehydrate it and make gel capsules out of it to ingest.  The thought gives me the hannibal lecter heebee-geebies.  But, quite a few girls in the class had researched it and were looking into doing it.  The instructor only had positive things to say about the process.  Here’s the thing though – if it’s a positive, safe, healthy process then why aren’t there companies who do this?  Instead, it’s done by random people with food dehydrators.  I’ll talk to my doctor about it and let you know if I decided to eat your leftovers or not.

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