27 Weeks Down, 13 To Go!

You’re the size of a rutabaga!  I don’t know what is, but man it’s big!

  • Skin, hair & nail changes: FINALLY! YES!  I should look into Pantene casting calls
  • Leg cramps: Sure do
  • Backaches: Oh yeah
  • Snissing (peeing when you sneeze):  So glad to hear this is normal!  Your dad and I were out running errands and he was about to drop me off to meet my friend Emily (your Auntie Em) for dinner.  We were a few blocks from the restaurant and I sneezed.  I couldn’t believe it – I peed a little.  A LITTLE.  Let’s not get carried away here.  But, it freaked me out so much that we turned around, went home, I changed, and drove myself.  Now, If I have to sneeze – I run to the ladies room, haha!

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