Childbirth Class #2: I Will Have to Give Birth

This didn’t really click for me until yesterday’s class.  I just got used to being pregnant – and am enjoying it!  No more nausea, my energy is back, I feel the kicks – it’s great! 

Birth is different.  I can feel my heart beat faster and my muscles tighten everytime “birth” is brought up – or worse – pictures are shown.  I know it’s inevitable.  I know i’m being super naiive.  Yesterday’s class made me very aware that if I don’t want to be a passive participant in my babram’s birth, i’m going to have to fully understand all the choices and implications of those decisions during pregnancy.  I don’t want to be going into labor and the doctor to ask, “We are having a problem with *insert femail labor term here* and we would like to speed things up with *insert alternative option here*, are you okay with that?”  Yes, I want to trust my doctor but I also don’t want to say, “I have no idea what you said – do whatever you think is best.”  For instance, I know I want an epidural (i’d take one now if I could).  But, I didn’t know that most woman who have an epidural break their tailbone during labor.  This information wouldn’t change my mind at all – but it’s good to know!  Ugh, no more Hunger Games – I need to go back to reading the baby books.

I don’t know if it was the fact that shit got real very fast, but everyone seemed a little tense.  We chatted a little more with some couples during the break.  One girl shared how she found out the gender.  I’m totally stealing this idea for Babram #2.  She took the results to a bakery and asked for a cake where the inside icing would be either blue or pink.  Then, they had their friends and family over and cut into the cake and all found out together.  How awesome is that?  Her awesome idea just put her ahead of flashlight couple for our prego besties. 


Random things I learned:

  • 5cm is the size of an oreo (Note to self: this is a sure fire way to diet – equate foods to a dilated cervix)
  • The water breaks only 8-12% of the time as an indicator of labor
  • If the water is yellow – it’s pee.

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  1. Deborah Abram

    will never eat oreos again…check out that tailbone “fact” nevery heard of that happening and i had two epidurals ages ago….get the mattress protector! too cute! xoxo

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