Childbirth Class #1 – I LOVE Flashlights

I went into childbirth class the same way I went into yoga – prepared to meet the parent’s of my child’s future best friend.  Also, I just wanted information.  I loved the class.  I wish they offered them weekly for the full 40 weeks – i’d sign up. 

ImageWhen we got to class, I was a giggling mess.  Mike and I just had the video/live birth convo (see post below) and I couldn’t stop laughing.  The teacher asked us to share.  Mike’s a good sport and said, “Go ahead.”  Ended up being a good thing because it broke the ice in the room.  We started talking to the couple next to us.  They’re a bit ahead of us and she’s experiencing a lot more symptoms that come with being further along.  I really liked her and her husband.  We chatted about feeling the baby move.  Mike shared his exciting news of finally feeling the baby move.  They’re way ahead of us so they can not only feel him, but they can also SEE him move.  I mentioned, if you take a flashlight and point it at the belly, the baby will either move towards/away from it.  Her husband was so excited by this.  I thought maybe he was excited to play a game.  No.  His wife clarified, “he LOVES flashlights.  Collects them.  I got him a huge one for Christmas.” 

Yes, they just passed the weird test to qualify as our friends.  I can see it now – our two boys and their flashlights.

Later in the class, the teacher showed us some exercise positions to alleviate tension/aches.  She said, “Imagine your body is a flashlight.  Angle your body so the light points forward.”  I lost it.  Pretty sure the teacher hates me.

Random things I learned:

  • Average labor is 22 hours (I guessed 12 hours…i’m scared)
  • “Sunny-side-up baby” is a real term
  • My stomach is now a pancake under my ribs – explains a LOT

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