22 Weeks & 1 Less Piercing

Almost immediately after I passed the halfway mark, my belly fully popped out.  No question about it, i’m pregnant!

It’s really crazy how the body changes.  I’m not used to watching the scale got in this northern direction.  My tummy looks so different.  No more ab definition, strange line and the belly button ring is out.  Gosh, that’s a story!  I couldn’t get the ring out!  I sat on the bed with plyers and could not get the screw off.  I’m not one to coordinate my ring with my outfits, so it pretty much just stays in.  I contemplated asking the gardner to clip it off, but since we had a tour of the maternity ward that night I resolved to ask when there.  When I told the tour guide I had an odd question, she responded, “i’ve heard it all – shoot!”  Well she didn’t hear it all, after I told her my problem she said, “okay, that’s new” but then, without any judgment, asked me to wait while she asked a doctor.  She came back and gave me a number for a tattoo shop.  A recommended one.  Is there such a thing?  I never got to experience what would have for sure been a very interesting story.  When I went to my OB consultation, one of the nurses was able to take it out.  WITH HER BARE HANDS.  I broke a sweat using plyers and still couldn’t get the sucker out.  She intimidates me everytime I see her now.  Probably because I know she could crush me with her pinky. 

Now, i’m ring free.  I feel older and younger all at the same time.  I’m also a little hungry, but that’s another story.

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