Who Goes to Prenatal Yoga Class to do Yoga?

I don’t know a lot of pregnant people and those that I do know don’t live near me.  So, i’m on a bit of a mission to meet some ladies with bumps!  My bestie understands this mission and sent me a groupon deal for prenatal yoga classes.  I’M IN!  In my mind, every girl in this class is probably also doing this to meet other mommy-to-be’s.  After all, we have no waist – who are we kidding – we’re not exercising for vanity.  Of course, there’s the health reason but i’m going to go with we’re all in the class to make friends.  Apparently not.

Yes, I went in a little eager…maybe a little aggressive.  Remember Melissa Joan Hart in “Can’t Hardly Wait” – yeah, that was me.  “Hi!!! I’m Karen! I’m pregnant too! What’s everyone doing after class?!?”  I didn’t get the, “Let’s go grab dinner and be best friends forever” reaction I was looking for.  Before I knew it, I was doing yoga.  Which was not at all why I signed up for prenatal yoga.  I’m going to try again.  Actually, I HAVE to try again – I bought 10 classes.

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