No More Brownies Jumping on the Bed

Usually, after finding out we’re pregnant, somewhere between the 2nd-5th question is: “what about Brownie?”  This isn’t some dog.  Brownie is our first child.  She’s our 4-year-old little girl.  Of course, she’s staying.  But, I understand where the question comes from.  Brownie jumps, nips, pulls, teases and taunts.  She’s a bit of a diva…and when she doesn’t get her all green M&M candy jar in her dressing room she flips the f*ck out. 

So, we’re starting to implement some damage control measures.  The first was the bed.  Brownie sleeps in our bed.  And I do mean IN our bed.  Under the covers, smack in the middle.  One wrong turn can cost you a toe.  We put her bed next to ours and started a nightly battle of “Down!” – Bark.  It took about 3 weeks but the habit has been broken.  Funny thing is, she doesn’t sleep in the bed next to ours.  Instead, she goes into the office and sleeps in her bed there. 


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