Is it a Mezuzah?

You only get one shot to tell someone “I’m pregnant.”  I didn’t want to just blurt it out.  I wanted to find a clever way to tell everyone.

Judy & Mickey – My parents came over for Hanukkah dinner with my Gramhoff and Uncle Buddy.  Actually, we wanted them to come over earlier but they had this, that and the other thing to do and couldn’t find the time.  Which meant that we had to keep the secret for another week.  Another LONG week.  We chatted and had dinner.  Then it was time to open presents.  My parents were about to go on a trip so we got them things for their trip.  Then, we said we got them a silly gift that was just too cute not to get – a German Shepherd calendar.  My parent’s favorite dog breed.  We patiently waited as they went through each and every month making “aawww” sounds at each pup.  Then my mom got to August.  We circled the 15th and wrote “Baby Due.”  Before my mom could share the calendar photo with my dad, she was on her feet excited.  My dad?  He said, “Well, let’s see the picture of the August Dog!” He looked at it and said, “Yeah, that is a cute dog.  Don’t know if I’d jump out of my chair though.”  Then my mom pointed below to the date.  That got him out of his chair.

Lisa & Josh – Sam and Keith were in town and hadn’t seen the house.  They were coming out to visit out house with Lisa and Josh for dinner.  We gave them a tour and went through each room.  This is the living room, the kitchen, the office, this room is storage for now, but eventually will be the baby’s room…in August. 

Debbie & Steve – Debbie had just gotten back from Israel and we couldn’t wait any longer to tell them.  We held off on telling Steve because we wanted to tell them together…we were ready to burst at this point.  I got a Macy’s bracelet box and put a positive pregnancy test (washed of course) in it.  Since we already had plans to go over the next day for Hanukkah with the boys, we were going over now under the guise that we had a gift we wanted to give them privately.  We gave them the box.  Debbie’s reaction “Oh fuck!” (in a positive way).  Steve’s reaction “What is it – is it a mezuzah?”

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